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Knee Implant Casting

Among all types of implant castings CastPro delivered most are Knee implants, generally Knee implants consist of two metal parts: the femoral component (the top section) and the tibial tray (the bottom section).

Femoral components that CastPro in mass production include: PS type, CR type, Unicompartmental type, and Revision Surgery type; Tibial trays include: Fixed type, rotating type, and unicompartmental type.

We have the expertise to ensure as less as 0.4mm machining allowance of our knee implants which helps our customer to reduce casting purchasing cost and also machining cost; Casting performance is also ensured to pass the fatigue test required by our customer.

  • Partial Knee implant casting
    Unicompartmental knee
  • Femoral Component kee implant casting
    Femoral Component
  • Tibial Baseplate kee implant casting
    Tibial Tray

Knee Implant Casting Workshop

  • knee implant casting inspection
    Wax Inspection
  • knee implant casting workshop
    Dimensional Inspection
  • knee implant casting inspection workshop
  • knee implant casting x-ray inspection
    X-ray Inspection
  • Mold Warehouse
    Mold Warehouse

Why CastPro

  • English oriented sales and professional engineering team with a quick response within 24hrs
  • Prototype castings finished in as short as 15 days by using 3D printed wax pattern
  • EXW Lead time as short as 25 days in mass production
  • Good and stable quality with a competitive price
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