Implant Castings Manufacturer
Implant Castings
Leading Supplier In China
Capturing 30% of the implant casting market in China
Implant Castings Manufacturer
Investment Casting
Advanced Art Process & Facilities
Robotic Shelling&pouring Systems, Digital X-Ray System, 3D Laser Scanning Technology
Implant Castings Manufacturer
100% Inspection
Visual & FPI&X-Ray Inspection
ISO 13485 & ISO 9001 Quality Management System
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castpro implant castings manufacturer
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Implant Casting Specialist
  • Investment Casting Technology
  • The Leading Supplier in the Chinese Market
  • Strict Implant Castings Quality Management System
  • Professional Technical Team, With Comprehensive Engineering Capability

Who We Are
CastPro is established in 2018, as a spin-off of Wuxi Vane (a JV between Wandi Group and Cummins), we inherited extensive experience from Wandi Group and Cummins in investment casting, aiming to offer excellent castings and excellent services to orthopedic industry.
What We Do
We are your implant casting solution partner. We offer implant casting development and manufacturing services for your orthopedic procedures.
What We Service
We serve the orthopedic industry including Artificial Joint Manufacturers and those Contract Manufactures.
What We Hope
We hope to utilize the benefits of a highly qualified professional team, the latest equipment, and best-in class manufacturing practices to innovate and ensure customers' successes
  • ISO 13485 certification
  • ISO 9001 certification
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